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Need your grease trap cleaned and vacated?  NuFlow Advanced, a fully licensed and certified company, offers you with the efficient and cost-effective grease trap cleaning services with minimal disruptions to your work. Our purpose-designed fleet of vacuum trucks is highly efficient to deliver expert grease trap cleaning and maintenance service along with the septic tank pumping and trade removal service in Melbourne.

Grease Traps conveniently blocks all the fats and oil from entering the main disposal system. Grease Traps are a crucial element of an integrated sewer management plan and its cleaning and maintenance is as much important as the grease traps itself. We at NuFlow Advanced provides grease trap cleaning services for commercial and residential clients including restaurants, cafes, hospital, schools, food factory and at any other place that has a kitchen. Grease trap cleaning is a delicate job demanding stringent safety standards. We emphasis on safety and so our team is fully certified and are well-equipped to remove and dispose all the grease trap waste effectively.

We guarantee to handle all your effluent needs in a most efficient and reliable manner. At NuFlow Advanced, we will pump out your grease trap and deodorise your system. Our fully equipped trucks pump the tank which is later vacated, cleaned, safely collect the grease waste and transported to a fully licensed disposal prerequisite. We are EPA licensed and from pick-up to disposal, we maintain all waste tracking documentation as required by EPA.

Get your grease traps cleaned and operating at 100% efficiency with our professional grease trap cleaning service. For a free quote, give us a call on 1800 268 356

Grease Trap Cleaning Melbourne