Let’s protect our most precious resource, WATER!

Are you experiencing unexplained high water bills? There might be the possibility of having water leaks. Water leak detection in hidden pipes can be difficult and costly and causes foul odors and is injurious to health too. Early leak detection not only has the highest potential to reduce costs, but also control the damage caused to pipes, surrounding surfaces and structures and costly water bills. It takes a team of expert leak detectors and state-of-art equipments to detect hidden leaks.

We pride in being one of the most reputed and trusted company in Melbourne offering high quality water leak detection service. Whether it’s underground or under the concrete, we use latest technologies to find where the leak is coming from. We not only detect the leak, but also clean the premises after completion. Our fast and efficient water leak detection services are non-invasive and non-destructive and also reduce the potential damage and hazards to assets.

We are the prominent water leak detectors in Melbourne and uses popular digital camera leak detection method to detect the leaks even in underwater or hidden pipe leaks. Our camera and locator can exactly identify the damage location and shows you via a full report and images of the leak detected, so you can see where the damage is. Our service in inferior to none and we take utmost care to ensure minimum disturbance is caused to your property and surroundings.

For a reliable and premium quality water leak detection service, give us a call on 1800 268 356

Water Leak Detection Melbourne